The two-headed Goliath—Mutual Funds and their distributors

Exorbitant annual fees and commissions to distributors are hurting Indian mutual fund investors. There is a solution, but don’t expect your local distributor to tell you about it

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You can mitigate domestic risks by investing abroad, here's how

Open a low-cost international broking account and invest in low-cost international exchange-traded funds

Published in Business Standard in September 2018; Note: The correct date of publication of the academic paper referred to in this article is June 1999

Three Financial Risks to Plan for Before Retiring

Some risks can’t be mitigated by products as such products almost don’t exist in India

Published in Mint in September 2018; Original Title: Satisficing around financial products that do not existCached copy of the print version of the article which will download in PDF format

ET Now snippet about 'Making the Startup Boom Sustainable'

Does the Private Equity Growth Capital model need tweaking?

Venture Intelligence 2014 conference in Mumbai

YouTube video with 6-minute introduction

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"...Even if some (say, 37 per cent) of funds outperform, it is difficult to pick in advance which ones will outperform over the next 10 years...”

Published in Business Standard in January 2019; In this article, I am recommending index funds; This article is behind a pay-wall


“In active funds, try to limit the expense ratio you pay because that is the only variable you can control”

Published in Business Standard in November 2018; In this article I am not recommending active funds but I am responding to a specific question about active funds; This article is behind a pay-wall


Mentioned in an article by Swapnil Kendhe, Fee-Only Financial Planner & SEBI RIA,

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