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In closing...

Human nature pushes all of us to feel that paying an amount explicitly is more painful than paying ten times that amount in an indirect and hidden manner. But 'feelings' are a poor basis for financial decisions.  Hence, Charlie Munger (the wisest investor in the world, according to Warren Buffett) summarized the secret to his success in one word as being “rational”.

A good way to understand this in the context of Investment Advice is the following example.

All of us understand that it’s rational to directly pay a doctor a fair fee. And that it is irrational to pay a doctor a low fee or no fee and instead ask the doctor to indirectly earn their fees from commissions paid by pharmaceutical companies or diagnostic labs or manufacturers of implants. In case we are irrational, luckily, doctors are fiduciaries. And hence, the law specifies that doctors should put the patient’s interests ahead of the doctor's own interests.

However, the law allows all Distributors of financial products (who earn a commission) to put their own interests ahead of the client’s interests. Hence, it is even more important to be rational in how one pays for investment advice.