• My current fees are:
    • For new clients, Rs 35,000 for the first twelve-months
    • If an existing client chooses to renew the engagement, then Rs 15,000 for the subsequent twelve-months 
  • Details:
    • I like to design a very simple portfolio that neither I nor the client have to review. Hence client's do not feel compelled to continue the engagement beyond the first twelve-months. As a result, a significant proportion of my clients do not renew the engagement beyond the first twelve-months  
    • The renewal fee will increase over the years for all clients who choose to continue to renew the engagement for an additional twelve-months 
    • The fees are payable in advance at the start of the twelve-month period of engagement (To clarify, the introductory audio call is free of cost. But I do not provide any investment advice during this introductory audio call)
    • The fees are based on the assumption of 20 hours of effort during the first twelve-months. Discussions consume half of these hours and back-end work consumes the other half of these hours. The number of hours of effort during the subsequent twelve-months is proportionately lower. 
    • I focus on clients with a net worth of Rs 1 cr to Rs 100 cr. Net worth refers to the total value of all assets including real estate (even if you live in it) minus total liabilities of a couple. They could be resident Indians or NRIs

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