• My current fees are:
    • For new clients, Rs 1,24,000 for 15 hours and 30 minutes of effort 
    • For current / former clients that chooses to renew the engagement, Rs 26,000 for 3 hours and 15 minutes of effort
    • The hours of effort are ideally for a period of up to 6 months but could be used over a period of up to 12 months
    • Hours of effort includes hours of discussion and back-end work that is specific to one or a few clients but it does not include research effort that is common across all clients
    • The fees are effectively Rs 8,000 per hour of effort
    • The fees are inclusive of any taxes

Details of Fees

  • Fees are based on 15.5 hours of effort. This is a radically different from the Robo++ Process
    • The fees are based on the assumption of 15 hours and 30 minutes of effort for new clients and 3 hours and 15 minutes of effort for renewal clients
    • This Customized Process is radically different from the 4-hours-of-effort with new clients Robo++ Process that is prevalent in India (details are in the Approach page) 
    • I provide clients with an updated Timesheet during the engagement
  • Fees are the same for Resident Indians as well as NRIs
    • I do not offer any other engagement with a reduced scope and lower fees
  • Fees are payable in advance
    • The fees are payable in advance at the start of the engagement
    • To clarify, the introductory audio call is free of cost. But I do not provide any investment advice during this introductory audio call
  • Renewal fees will increase over time
    • The renewal fee will increase over the years for all clients who choose to renew the engagement 
  • I was the first RIA in India to transparently disclose my hourly fee and currently I am one of only two RIAs that does so
    • You could also refer to the FAQ page where FAQ number 7 covers 'What is the primary driver of your specific hourly fee?'
    • The same FAQ also explains that the hourly fee that the client sees appears quite high while the hourly fee that the RIA gets is one-tenth of that

Focus on clients with a net worth of Rs 1 to 100 cr

  • Net worth in this specific context refers to a couple's total value of all assets including real estate (even if you live in it) and any very likely inheritance; minus total liabilities
  • You could consider this engagement:
    • If your age is 26-30 and your net worth is >= Rs 1 cr
    • If your age is 31-35 and your net worth is >= Rs 2 cr
    • If your age is 36-40 and your net worth is >= Rs 3 cr
    • If your age is 41-45 and your net worth is >= Rs 4 cr
    • If your age is 46-50 and your net worth is >= Rs 5 cr
    • If your age is 51-55 and your net worth is >= Rs 6 cr
    • If your age is 56-60 and your net worth is >= Rs 7 cr
    • If your age is 61-65 and your net worth is >= Rs 8 cr (i.e. approximately USD 1 million)
    • If your age is 66-70 and your net worth is >= Rs 7 cr
    • Note 1: In case you are entitled to a pension from your employer (i.e. not NPS) or you are a Doctor / Dentist who is less than 45 years old, then consider half of the above mentioned amounts
    • Note 2: If your net worth is less than the amounts mentioned above, then the engagement will not be able to provide you value-for-money. Hence you would be better off contacting another Advice-Only RIA who (a) follows the Customized Process (12-15 hours of effort per new client) and (b) at least within Equity mutual funds, recommends only Index Funds (e.g. Swapnil Kendhe whose fees are effectively Rs 2,500 per hour which is exceptional value for money) or else then, prefers to recommend Index Funds (e.g. S R Srinivasan)
  • 15.5 hours of effort will not be sufficient for an engagement with a joint-family. So the scope will have to be worked out in such  a case

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