• My current fees are:
    • For new clients, Rs 30,000 for the first twelve-months
    • If an existing client chooses to renew the engagement while the current fees are applicable, then Rs 15,000 for the subsequent twelve-months
    • The fees assume 20 hours of effort in the first twelve-months and 10 hours of effort in the subsequent twelve-months. Discussions consume half of these hours and back-end work consumes the other half of these hours 
    • The fees are payable in advance at the start of the twelve-month period of engagement
  • My focus is on clients with a net worth (i.e. total assets minus liabilities of the client and the client's spouse, including primary residence, if any) of Rs 1 crore to Rs 100 crores
    • The suggested net worth of 'Rs 1 crore and above' is because such clients may find the engagement to be cost effective
    • Even among potential clients who have a net worth of 'Rs 1 crore and above', if I think that they will get better value for money from someone with a lower fee, then I point them to someone with a lower fee 

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